Worried about your child’s future? Don’t worry…Invest in #mutualfundsip for the better tomorrow.

Start saving now.  you can start with as low as ₹1000.


A SIP enables you to spread your investment over time through fixed payments. Payments happen monthly or quarterly.  You may want to invest but may not have a ready lump sum to invest in mutual fund. This is where SIP comes in handy. A SIP helps you to invest small amounts at periodic intervals by buying mutual fund units at the market price. All these units get added to your account.

A SIP is a smart and flexible plan to invest in. Just as you pay EMIs each month towards your loan repayments, in the same way, SIPs are a method of investing uniformly in mutual funds.

“Mutual fund is an investment. SIP is a method of investing in mutual funds regularly.”

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