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You need a financial advisor you can trust to have confidence in their recommendations. 

Sound financial advice is based on more than just your income level or the types of asset classes you invest in.

A good financial advisor will take the time to learn about your full financial situation, investigating your banking, investment, insurance and credit needs. Only by understanding your spending habits, debt obligations, life goals and more can a financial advisor begin to develop a meaningful and accurate strategy.

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Best mutual funds strategy for a young investor !

First of all one should choose mutual funds based on their financial goals, investment horizon, and risk profile.

For example, a typically long-term investor with a conservative risk profile and an investment horizon of five to seven years to consider investing in large cap mutual funds to achieve long-term financial goal. Where is an aggressive investor with a longer investment horizon may consider investing in mid cap or small cap schemes, while an investor with a moderate risk appetite is better off with multi cap schemes.

Young investors can also diversify their portfolio and increase or decrease the overall risk in it by taking a small exposure to schemes with lower/higher risk.

Young people have time on there side and if
start investing a small sum regularly in mutual fund schemes based on individuals profile, would be able to create wealth over a long period.

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